Eligibility and Scholarships

Requirements for Registration

Being an open college, we do no any restriction for registration for our courses. All that is required is an email address. Note however that the requirement for obtaining our awards are different from the registration requirements


Requirements for Awards

The requirements vary depending on the programme pursued by individual students:

Certificate Programme Requirements

To obtain our certificate awards upon passing any of our courses, candidate must provide evidence of having attempted final secondary school exams. Attempting of such exam would be sufficient even if the result is pending or even if the student did not meet the minimum requirement for a degree programme

Diploma Programme Requirements

To obtain our diploma awards upon passing any of our courses, candidate must provide evidence of obtaining satisfactory grades in some of the modules in their final secondary school exam. The college will determine what is satisfactory in individual cases.

Professional and Advanced Diploma

This route is most ideal for students currently in tertiary institutions or those that have graduated. Students that have completed our certificate and/or diploma programmes would be eligible to complete and obtain our advanced and professional awards

Relevance of Work Experience

Where the students already have work experience in related fields, this will have a positive effect when the college is deciding whether to grant an award to a student.


If you require further information on our minimum requirements, please contact our admissions team by email to: admissions@cambridgeopenlearning.co.uk


Scholarships and Bursaries

The college provides numerous opportunities for scholarships and bursaries both on merit and need basis. There is almost always some form of funding opportunities present at every point throughout the year.

If you require further information on available scholarships/bursaries and how you may benefit, do not hesitate to contact by email to: scholarships@cambridgeopenlearning.co.uk